Kooky comes home…

KookyThis Sunday, 14 April 2013, sees the UK premiere of Jan Svěrák’s Kooky (Kuki se vraci 2010). It tells the tale of a teddy bear who leaves home…..

The screening is promoted by the Czech Centre London and takes place at The Little Angel Theatre, Islington.

Jan Svěrák is one of the top Czech directors, probably best know for Oscar winning Kolya (1996) starring and written by his father Zedenek Svěrák.
You can see Jan Svěrák’s very own posting of his English language trailer here:

You can find Czech language clips on the making of the film in the same place. The film is a combination of live action, stop motion and puppet animation. The animation was done at double speed to make the movement appear more realistic.

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