Three UK premieres for Czech documentaries

Three recent Czech documentaries get their UK premières at the Open City Docs Fest in June. Two of the films are also part of One World Echoes, bringing films to London from the Prague based human rights documentary film festival.

First up is Fortress, filmed in a forgotten corner of the post cold war world. Transdniestre lies between Moldova and Unkraine, and is propped up by Russia. The film was made at some risk to the filmakers and won the CZECH JOY – Best Czech Documentary Film award at the Jihlava international Documantary Film Festival in 2012. It shows at the Frontline Club  at 7pm on Wednesday 19 June and is followed by a Q&A with Lukáš Kokeš, who directed the film alongside Klára Tasovská.

On Sunday Karel Reisz, This Filming Life shows for the first time at 3pm in the Darkroom at the UCL base of Open City Docs Fest. The screening is followed by a Q&A led by Stephen Frears with the director and the producer.

At 5pm in the Lightbox Stone Games plays. This documentary received a special mention at Jihlava, and was show at the One World Festival in March 2013.

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