Rare Slovak film treat on screen and DVD

The Sun in a Net ( Slnko v sieti), the 1960 film by Slovak director Štefan Uher shows in London on Thursday 25 July 2013. Riverside Studios are showing the film alongside short film (40m) Joseph Kilián (Postava k podpírání) made in 1963 by Pavel Jurácek and Jan Schmidt, and “banned for life” in 1969 following the Soviet occupation after the Prague Spring. The screening is co-organised by the Czech Centre in London, both have English subtitles.

The Sun in a Net is then released on DVD by Second Run DVDThe Sun in a Net in August 2013. Second Run follow this with the release of cult space classic Ikarie XB-1 in September, but more about that in a post of it’s own. Find out more about The Sun in a Net in this review or Joseph Kilián in this one.


You can see a Czech-Slovak trailer here:




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