2-0 away at Jihlava

zive_kino_titulni_obrazekThe warm up for this year’s Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival kicks off this weekend with a showing of Two Nil (Dva nula 2012) at the FC Vysočina Jihlava stadium on Friday 23 August. The film covers a Prague Derby match between Sparta and Slavia. Gambrinus League team FC Vysočina Jihlava play Slavia at home on Saturday.

The fun doesn’t stop there, Fortress (Pevnost 2012)) shows at the town railway station and Citizen K (Občan K 2012) plays in the town’s Březinova housing estate as part of the 10th Living Cinema event. The sixth Living Cinema event takes place in Prague showing previews of films in this year’s Czech Joy competition in the editing rooms!

The laid back and popular festival takes place across the town from 24-29 October 2013.

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