Burning Bush looks to set Czech Lions on fire

Burning Bush (Hořící keř), the film about the self-immolation of Jan Palach in 1969, is on course to pick up an armful of awards at the Czech “Oscars”, the Český lev (Czech Lion) awards in February. The film was disqualified from entering the foreign film category in the Oscars as it was edited from a three part tv series, and was nominated in every eligible category for the Lions, a total of 14. In contrast, Jiří Menzel’s The Don Juans (Donšajni), which replaced Burning Bush as the Oscar nomination received only one, for best sound. See the full list of nominations in Czech. See also this article in Prague Post.

The Czech Lions themselves have been touch and go this year, the nomination and voting process has changed, as has the venue for the ceremony on Saturday 22 February. It’s now at the Rudofinium in Prague, previously it had taken place in the Lucerna complex of Wenceslas Square.

Burning Bush also dominates the nominations for the Czech Film Critics Awards, taking place this Sunday, 25 January, and showing on Czech TV.

We’ve found the trailers for the nominations for best film:

Hořící keř

Jako nikdy




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