Rare screening of Ester Krumbachová film in Glasgow

This Saturday sees a rare screening of the only film directed by Ester Krumbachová. A key figure in Czech New Wave cinema of the 1960s, Ester is probably best known for her collaborations with Věra Chytilová on Daisies and The Fruits of Paradise, and one-time husband Jan Němec (The Party and the Guests and Diamonds of the Night).
The Murder of Mr Devil

The Glasgow Film Theatre is hosting the screening presented by the Czech Centre London. The screening at 3pm Saturday 11 August, is preceded by an introduction by Petra Hanáková who has been researching recently discovered archives. Originally the screening of the film was planned to tie in with an exhibition celebrating Krumbachová’s work at Glasgow’s Centre for Contemporary Arts: A Weakness for Raisins, Films & Archive of Ester Krumbachová. This now runs from 8 December – 27 January 2019, following the tragic fire at the Glasgow School of Art.

A Weakness for Raisins

Ester, who died in 1996 was a multi-talented contributor to Czech cinema, as screenplay writer, set and costume designer. Like Věra Chytilová, who started studying architecture, her initial training was not in film, Ester studied art and painting. Her grasp of the use and impact of colour is apparent in her work with Věra Chytilová and Jan Kucera.
Věra Chytilová made the film Looking for Ester in 2005 you can see it on DA Films here:
Looking for Ester
You can read more about Ester in these articles:
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